Welcome to NIAONiao singing voice synthesis software

NIAONiao is a free singing voice synthesizer application。
Singing voice can be created by editing the lyrics(Chinese pinyin) and melody(pitch and length).
The built-in algorithm is optimized for Chinese to attract amateur users,while some parameters are provided for professional user.

The software is mainly consist of two parts: an editor and a synthesizer.
A self-made voice library is also supported. As we the lack of the time, the current version does not guarantee the quality of the self-made library.
But a recording plug-in is in the developing schedule.

The synthesized singing voice can be output as a WAVE file and other effect, such as accompaniment, can be added with the help of other applications. (Later version may support the accompaniment.)

The development of this software started in June, 2011and it is in progress currently.
The first version is planned to release in this August.
The author - dsound is devoting himself to making good software(of same kinds in other countries) for Chinese.